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Everything You Need To Know About Yoga Sutras

Yoga is a practice of a person’s body and mind. It is done in order to bring harmony between the body, mind, and spirit. There are many different practices of yoga, they all involve breathing, mindful movements, and relaxation while maintaining certain physical postures or asanas. Doing Yoga regularly helps in developing strength of the mind, body and spirit and can help increase flexibility.

Yoga is a practice and helps improve mindfulness, Yoga can be practiced on and off the mat. There are "threads" of wisdom that enhance the Yoga Practice off the mat. These threads are the Yoga Sutras, and offer wisdom and guidance to live a more purposeful life. This is why Yoga helps in learning to enhance and maintain the peace of one’s inner self.

Origin of Yoga Sutra:

The Yoga Sutras were introduced by Patanjali- There is not much information about him but it is said that he was from India and lived around the 2nd or 4th century BC. Over the years, his Yoga Sutras have been translated and practiced across various countries to bring peace and harmony into the Yoga Practice and the world at large.

Types of Yoga Sutras:


It involves correction of one's behavior by being non-violent, truthful, and true to yourself.


This includes the principles through which a person should live his life- It includes contentment, being pure, devoted, and a good spiritual observer.


It involves the postures to prepare one’s body for relaxation and calmness of the mind.


It consists of breathing exercises that help in the expansion of life.


It is the art of using all of your energies to explore yourself.


It involves focused and effortless attention for training your mind for meditation.


It ensures a continuous flow of happy thoughts.


It covers the divine power of unity and combines all your positive energies.

The first four of the above-mentioned Yamas help prepare your body for the next three and then all of these together help you in achieving all eight.

Reaching the Samadhi level may seem difficult in the beginning but once you integrate all of the Sutra's, you begin to flow with ease on and off the mat.


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