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In Bloom This Spring 🌷

Greetings! It has been a while since we've posted a blog post for our subscribers- Life has been changing, and so have we. Spring is a great time and reminder that we can always be reborn again, we can always plant new seeds & bloom in the direction of our dreams as our senses reawaken


During this time nature is shifting with the season change, you can feel the change in the wind and smell hope in the air. One of the biggest shifts for Healing Health was relocating to Chicago, IL last year- Although we have been slightly inactive, we want all of our subscribers to know our services are still offered virtually, & we can still be booked to travel and for retreats. While away and during the Winter Season- feelings of stress, tension, and uncertainty has surfaced for our Founder Cearra. As Cearra has navigated her new city, she has felt a deep need to go within and return home to herself. Through movement, meditation, prayer & breathwork Cearra's winter stressors slowly turned into awareness of her inner landscape, helped her slow down- rest more, and showed her how to honor her own needs and her own healing.

As the season shifts Cearra has come more into a space of flow, she is learning how to balance her inner and outer worlds and looks forward to being more present with her Healing Health community. She also looks forward to maintaining her inner peace & stillness she has been able to cultivate and continue to pour into herself- as you can not pour from a empty cup. Healing Health's goal is to assist others on their journey inward, knowing that with a little assistance we can all find & cultivate our inner Healer within. Cearra's goal is to facilitate spaces for her clients to restore and reawaken their bodies, minds and spirits. We will plant new seeds together this season and see how they bloom throughout the year!

Healing Health invites you to explore A Spring Journal Prompt:

"How have I changed from last season?"

*It's important to acknowledge your achievements and give yourself the flowers you deserve 🌸

We are spending a lot less time online these days- but we pop in on IG to post updates & content when we feel called to share. We would also love to hear from you if you feel called to share your thoughts on the above prompt. Tag us! reach out to book with us or with your questions/comments/concerns Email: 🧘🏾‍♀️

Remember That New Beginnings Are On The Horizon- "April Showers, Bring May Flowers".

Namaste 🤍


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